Image of Cayrels Ring 3

Cayrels Ring 3

$10.00 — Coming soon

Cayrels Ring 3 continues to expand the universe with 48 pages featuring six short stories which reveal a bigger and more mysterious world.

We follow the forbidden love of a colonist and a merchant marine. Explore how Nella, the young mother from issue 1, came to live alone in the desert with her young child. A wildcat colony, post destruction of the super-computer KLARA, discovers something ancient. A grieving mother seeks revenge against a familiar foe while mysteriously missing babies is investigated by a journalist and the bounty hunter Vedrana Marti, who was last seen in issue 1.
Finally, a team of archaeologists go searching for the original generation ships used to bring humanity to Cayrels Ring.

All of this builds to what comes next, an epic tale that will tie all the mysteries of Cayrels Ring together.

Image of Cayrels Ring 1,2,3
Cayrels Ring 1,2,3
$20.00 — Coming soon
Image of Cayrels Ring 2
Cayrels Ring 2
$3.00 — Coming soon
Image of Cayrels Ring #1
Cayrels Ring #1
$7.00 — Coming soon
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