Image of Cayrels Ring #1

Cayrels Ring #1

$7.00 — Coming soon

Cayrels Ring is a 40 page, full color comic book that builds a new galaxy, featuring many worlds and many people. The first story arc, "Rend It", is told in eight chapters with each chapter being illustrated by a different artist.

I've called this unique process the STACKS UNIVERSE as it takes multiple short stories, illustrated by different artists, stacking them up to make a single cohesive story.

"Rend It" follows many narratives including that of Jamitch, a scientist trapped on a planet sized supercomputer gone suicidal. Jamitch manages to escape and goes searching for his unknown grandchild. The fallout of his actions and the fate of the suicidal supercomputer is far reaching.

This first story in CAYRELS RING sets the table for a wealth of stories about those who live and die in this far away ring galaxy

Image of Cayrels Ring 1,2,3
Cayrels Ring 1,2,3
$20.00 — Coming soon
Image of Cayrels Ring 3
Cayrels Ring 3
$10.00 — Coming soon
Image of Cayrels Ring 2
Cayrels Ring 2
$3.00 — Coming soon
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